Prenups: Romantic or not?


“The best proof of love is trust”  Joyce Brothers

Historically, prenuptial agreements were a basic sign that a marriage was being started without a sense of trust. In the modern age, however, a prenup can often serve as a protection factor.

What is a prenup? It is a contract you enter before marriage that essentially states what will happen in case of divorce.

If you are entering your first marriage young and without any significant assets, I would discourage against the idea. I think it would just bring unnecessary concerns of mistrust. If you make millions during your marriage and decide to get divorced down the road, then technically it is fair to share it with your spouse since he/she was by your side and hopefully supported you in your journey to success.

A second marriage can be different though.  If you have kids from a previous relationship or savings plans already set up, then a prenup can be used as a safe haven. Protect your kids and the funds you have set up for your kids. But make sure you inform your spouse-to-be that it’s not a trust factor, but instead a safety net for the interest of your kids.

Personally, I am very old fashioned and trust the person I love with all my heart (and would hope he trusts me as well). Any talk of prenup before the wedding would just make me defensive and plant a seed of mistrust in my head. The whole idea of having a contract that states in detail what happens in case of divorce is just not what I would want to think about BEFORE I get married.  I know that a lot of people would disagree with my view on  prenups and I absolutely get it. Every couple is different and their life circumstances are unique. My opinion is solely based on my beliefs and upbringing.

If you are considering a prenup, talk to your spouse-to-be about it and if it is something you are considering, get the answers you need (not the movies answers).

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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Trend Report

Mayya’s Beach Wedding Trend Report

Colucci Diamonds earrings
$28,000 -

Irene Neuwirth earrings
$9,660 -

PERLOTA earrings
€2.115 -

LORD & TAYLOR earrings
$1,020 -

Effy Collection earrings
$675 -

Chanel earrings

$1,200 -

$900 -

John Hardy earrings
$495 -

$450 -

Hillier earrings
$430 -

Chanel earrings
€376 -

Lana Jewelry earrings
$330 -

$250 -

Amrita Singh earrings
$100 -



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Trash the Dress Photo Shoot

The actual wedding day is a great day to get those elegant, proper, lovey-dovey shots of the bride and groom all dressed up. But the beach wedding is over and the dress is now hanging up in the corner of the closet. I think a “trash the dress” photo shoot is an awesome idea. It allows brides to have fun with the photographer without the worry of getting the dress dirty. It’s a chance to see who you really are (but in a nice dress). Let the photographer take pictures of you on your husbands Harley, or pictures of you playing in the water at the beach, fly away with oversized balloons, or even pictures of you dancing in the rain with bright color rain boots on. This is your chance to just let go and have fun!!!

Have a fabulous day,

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Water Bottles For Beach Wedding Guests

Trust me, your guests will appreciate a nice cold drink at the beach wedding ceremony. You are at the beach and everyone is outside, so even if you are having a sunset ceremony your guests will be parched.  A lot of guests stick around during the bride and groom’s photo shoot, which can take up to an hour, so having chilled water bottles readily available for them is an excellent idea. And because you are a chic bride with tons of inspirations/ideas for your beach wedding, step up a notch and have personalized labels made! (or if you are DIY goddess make them yourself. Buy template on Etsy (I like Print Your Party) ). You can choose colors that will match your wedding decore. Also, personalized water bottles set up in a white serving basket look gorgeous in pictures!

Have a fabulous day,

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Tweet Beach Wedding Style

Hi guys! Have you heard about Twitter? probably. Now days it is almost impossible to run a business (or life) without it. I mean how would everybody know what you did, ate, or felt if not for Twitter :)  So please share your Tweets and  follow ours @beachwedstyle and stay in touch with beach wedding style. Tweet me questions, suggestions or just because!!! Love to hear from you!

See you on Twetterland!


Have a fabulous day,

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Chairs for Beach Wedding Ceremony

When planning your beach wedding, be sure to consider your guest’s comfort. Sometimes it is a costly addition but your guests will defiantly appreciate them  more than you think. Traditional beach wedding ceremony usually lasts 15-20 minutes (not a long time to stand, you would think, but take in consideration that ceremony takes place on the sand and under the heat of the beach).  Also, chairs not only provide seating during the ceremony but also look gorgeous in your pictures and will compliment your beach wedding decor. If you do opt for a beach wedding ceremony without seating, consider adding a few chairs for immediate family and elderly guests.

Be Fabulous today,

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Parasol Umbrellas for Beach Weddings

Fun and Fashionable!

If you are worried about the summer heat, Chinese umbrellas (or Parasols as they call them) will help you and your guests stay cool during the ceremony.  They also add a fabulous touch of elegance and fun to a beach wedding, and can even serve as stylish accessories for your photo shoot.  We have some amazing shots of bridal parties and couples with umbrellas (a few of these shots are attached).  If you decide to go with these, choose umbrellas that reflect your wedding colors and theme.  A large number of colors and designs are available to choose from.  Paper parasols are perfect for summer beach weddings!



Have  Fabulous day,

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Brazilian Blow Out For Shiny Beach Wedding Hair

The Secret Shine!

If you are having  a wedding on the beach  and are worried about what humidity will do to your hair, then this post is for you!

Have you ever wondered why Jennifer Aniston, or any other super stars, have super glossy, beautiful hair? After a lot of research, I have finally discovered their secret!! Okay, maybe it wasn’t such a secret if I was able to find it, but it is still cool to know! You want to know it??? Of course you do! So here it is (drum roll please…), Brazilian Blowout!!

Many beautiful actresses like Nicole Richie, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Aniston are using it, and so many more!! Now it’s your turn to look like a million dollars without spending a million.

Brazilian Blowout can be treated in your hair at many local salons for a fair price. It contains no damaging chemicals like coloring or perming your hair. It contains a protective layer of keratin which creates a nice layer over your damaged hair which results in smooth and shiny hair. If you have curly hair (like me) it smoothes curls and frizz. And the best part of the treatment? It lasts up to 3 months (think how great your hair will look on your honeymoon)!!!

After doing some research I tried it at one of our local salons. Treatment took about 2.5 hours. The treatment starts with shampooing your hair, then applying the Brazilin Blowout treatment. The stylist then blow dries hair, straightens and seals treatment with flat iron. Then hair is washed again and finished by blow-drying and styling. The tip that my hairdresser gave me is that you can use any shampoo that is sulfate free, so you don’t have to buy expensive ones that they suggest to you at the salon.The cost at my salon was $195. It is a little pricy but when you see results it is so worth every penny! Also think on how much you will save on products over the next few months.

Another tip that my stylist gave me is before swimming in a pool or ocean apply hair conditioner to protect your hair. If you follow those instructions (sulfate free shampoo and conditioner (I use L’Oreal brand) and protect your hair in chlorine and saltwater) your treatment should last up to 6 moths!

The results: my hair is smooth, shiny and straight!!!! I can’t believe that now I can just wash my hair and not worry about frizzy hair. I also don’t have to use flat iron or style my hair anymore (such a time saver). And I just love waking up with silky hair every morning!

If you want to look like star on your wedding day (and of course honeymoon) Brazilian Blowout is a must! Humidity on the beach is crazy. Brazilian Blowout will prevent any frizz and you will look gorgeous on your pictures.

I am definitely in LOVE!

Have a fabulous day,

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Best Time for Beach Wedding Ceremony

A lot of couples ask me what is the best time for beach wedding ceremony. It s quite easy to figure out time of the ceremony if you are having a wedding in a church. But with beach weddings (or outside weddings in general) yo have to consider natural light and weather.

Technically weddings can be at anytime of a day, but from my experience the BES TIMES are either morning (8 am-10 am) or sunset weddings (1-1.5 hrs before sunset). Why? Weather is cooler and there are less people on the beach. Prime time for beach goers is between 10-5 pm, so you definitely want to avoid this time frame.

Morning wedding vs. Sunset wedding


Morning Wedding Ceremony

Pros: Beaches are almost empty, so more privacy. Usually the best weather is in the morning. Beach is cool; fresh morning breeze is still in the air. Color of water is at the best during this time. Natural light of the morning sun is pefect for pictures. Our best shots were done during morning weddings and all professional photoshoots are scheduled for mornings.

Cons: well, thats obvious! You have to wake up really early to get ready.

Sunset Wedding Ceremony

Pros: Beautiful sunset pictures! I  suggest having your beach wedding ceremony scheduled for 1 or 1.5 hrs before sunset (your Princess Wedding coordinator will let you know what time sunset is on your date). The ceremony lasts about 20 minutes and you want to have at least 1 hour left for photos, before it gets too dark.

Cons: Time limit. because you are having wedding 1 hr before sunset, there is not much time to play with . If wedding starts late (due to rain, your or guest being late) then that time is taken away from your photoshoot.

Have a fabulous day,


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Classic and Elegant Beach Weddings

Is your vision of your future wedding elegant, classic and fabulous?  But are you having difficulty figuring out the logistics of the decor when you are doing it on the beach?  When planning your wedding on the beach, remember that you do not have to compromise style. Beach weddings can be just as sophisticated as church or country club weddings.  Just stick to clean lines, decorations and colors.

The bamboo arbor and chiffon draping combined with white classic chairs give beach wedding ceremony a stylish and formal feel.  You can add a splash of color with a sand ceremony, chair sashes and aisle way decorations. My favorite classic and chic aisle way decorations are flower kissing globes and chinese lanterns.

For more ideas get inspired with me at PINTEREST. 

Have a fabulous day,


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